Regional conference dedicated to blogs and online content


This year’s Blogomania is all about Digital Marketing and PR, Content and Social Networks.

Blogomania 2012 has gathered more than 400 participants on Stara Planina, and the second regional conference covering the field of blogs and online content, Blogomania 2013, will take place from November 28th to December 1st on Kopaonik mountain.

The goal of Blogomania 2013 is to share regional and international experiences in creating quality content and telling successful stories, from individuals as well as from companies. Content marketing is a world-wide trending topic, and storytelling is a new way of doing marketing. Blogomania 2013 will cover new terms and concepts, including content marketing, we’ll talk about how all the good stories are made, and why great storytelling does not include lying.

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Proven experts, both regional and international, will share their knowledge and experience with participants, through various forms of presentations.

Beside high-quality lectures, workshops and panels, there will be numerous other activities at Blogomania 2013. More about that will soon be disclosed.

Join us and share your experience and knowledge with participants from every part of former Yugoslavia, and use this opportunity to learn something new, meet some new people and tighten some old friendships. Last year’s positive impressions oblige us to make Blogomania 2013 even better, and to lead by example.

See you on Kopaonik from November 28th to December 1st!


Ivan Brezak Brkan
Netokracija Founder, CEO Meme Media and serial IT entrepreneur.
Uroš Nedeljković
Jerkovački philosopher, meta-meraklija and quantum bohemian. Otherwise, the lawyer.
Ivan Rečević
Google akademija
HUGE Media and co-founder of Google accredited coach.
Vladimir Stanković
Inexhaustible source of positive energy.
Ina Poljak
Master of psychology and consultant in the field of HR and personal development.
Srđan Erceg
HUGE Media
Co-founder of the agency HUGE Media and sports commentator SPORTKLUB.
Ivan Ćosić
Designer and creative artist with extensive experience in branding and publishing.
Stefan Lazarevic
The Secretary of State for ICT, #opendata + #netfreedom supporter.
Aleksandar Radunović Popaj
The Books of Knjige
Guitarist popular Montenegrin Perper groups.
Goran Vujović Goro
The Books of Knjige
Multimedia artist in showbiz circles known as Purašević.
Veselin Gajović Gajo
The Books of Knjige
He deals with metaphysics. Tends to expressively recitate poetry.
Zoran Marković Zonjo
The Books of Knjige
Guard. Failed studying economics and succeeded in directing.
Goran Jankuloski
Executive Group
Creates content for social media in the Executive Group.
Miloš Blagojević
Coca-Cola Hellenic
He will present the story of Coca-Cola 45 years in Serbia
Jelena Trninić
Coca-Cola Hellenic
Show us a viral video on how to promote environmental protection
Saša Popović
Uči Slobodno Akademija
Professor of computer science because of who many passed the final exam.
Nikola i Nenad Radojčić
Braća Burazeri
T-shirts, LPs and graphic design.
Igor Savić
Executive Group
Director of the digital in one of the leading agencies .
Darko Buldioski
New Media Mk
Director of digital agency, blogger, consultant, father.
Dragan Varagić
Internet Group
Blogger, online strategist and consultant in the field of Internet business applications
Dimitrije Banjac
Državni posao
The main archivator. Uncle Djordje. Otherwise, engineer who worked as sports journalist.
Nikola Škorić
Državni posao
Director's cousin. Otherwise history professor who works as copywriter.
Dejan Čirjaković
Državni posao
The youngest brother. Pro EU. Otherwise, jazz musician.
Darko Dujič
Director of Google Adriatic in charge of business development.
Zorana Jovanović
Author of the widely read fashion blog in the region.
Zoran Baranac
Prva TV
Offline critic of the phenomenon of online world.
Radomir Basta
Long ago sold his soul to the gods of capitalism and pubs.
Daniel Đukić
Lover of chess and sports in general. Also known as Francky Delevra.
Mihailo Tešić
Copywriter and treated gamer. In his spare time, he even speaks serbian.
Boris Cvijanović
MrZajebaVancija: Seriously not serious Internet user.
Žarko Ptiček
Advokatska kancelarija Ptiček
Worst nightmare of Serbian administration. IT lawyer.
Goran Bajazetov
Shares thoughts and ideas that may inspire you.
Ana Marija Popović
Lifestyle Serbia
Consultant for the development of destinations and place branding.
Jelena Karakaš
Lifestyle Serbia
Editor in ELLE magazine. A blogger at konevolicipele.com
Slava Mićić
Lifestyle Serbia
Photographer and web designer. A blogger at slavamicic.com
Aleksandar Vacić
Used to be a designer, iOS developer today.
Gabrijela Stjepanović
IAB Srbija
Executive Director of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
Bojana Kovačević
Angel Duchesses
Running back of Duchesses. Music. The phenomenon of the Internet in terms of law.
Boško Radivojević
Part of a team responsible that today the largest sites are hosted in Serbia
Dejan Nikolić
A large man. More than two meters. Guiltiest of Njuz.net.
Aleksandar Petković
Initiative FB
One half man, one half mobile marketing. Blog mobilnimarketing.me
Hrvoje Hafner
Crowdfunding evangelist
Dejan Danailov
Graphic designer, takes photos for the love of it ...
Ranko Trifković
Wannabe Magazine
Writes, edits and fixes.
Nikola Vulević
Like media
Yogi, lucid dreamer and Kung Fu Panda. Google Adwords cosmopolitan.
Uroš Savić
Studio Sfumato
Designer without a portfolio.
Tina Kaplani
Muzeji rade
Manager of Arts and Culture. Blogs about museums (because they work!)
Nemanja Divjak
Co-founder Fliiby, in charge of business development.
Milorad Tošić
Niš 2.0 servis
IT entrepreneur, NGO activist and founder of Nis 2.0 services.
Ivan Živković
Timočki Omladinski Centar
The campaign against hate speech on the Internet that is spreading like a virus.
Zoran Ugrina
A man who can solve any Wordpress problem. Co-founder tailored4wp.com
Djordje Sugaris
Cars. People. Heritage.
Miloš Nikodijevic
Guardian of automotive heritage.
Vladimir Lelićanin
SAE Institut
Head of Web Development program me at SAE Institute Belgrade
Aleksandar Obradović
Project Management Srbija
Eternal optimist and the author of the site about management and personal development.
Milan Kovačević
A man from the company operating the size relations in European markets.
Rade Tričković
Veteran of online advertising in Serbia and director of Httpool.
Ivana Kovačević
Dodatni Čas
Website for all those who need an extra class.
Marija Rajić
Tech Lifestyle
How to be digitally literate? What is digital literacy?
Branislav Vojinović
How it can help us to preserve our health.
Nikola Arežina
Design and programming. Member of the jury at Awwwards.com
Neda Lukić
ABC Srbija
Inspire the market that believes in us, putting their stamp of confidence on the world of media.
Tanja Tatomirović
Microsoft Srbija i Crna Gora
Communication, PR and author of radio propaganda. In his spare time, known as @ Lavche73
Mladen Trišić
Microsoft Srbija
Microsoft Student Partner, software developer and an assistant at the university.
Miloš Milošević
Web Media Agency
Who does not try to be better, stops being good.
Nevena Zelunka-Cvijetić
Hleb i Lale
Chef enthusiast and lover of life, author of the blog Bread and Tulips.
Dragana Mandić
Buddies Develop
What you should and what you should not do on your site.
Branislava Antović
Branas Divine World
Urednica lepote u magazinu GRAZIA & lifestyle blogerka
Duško Vukajlović
Editor Alo.rs, for 17 years in journalism.
Iva Novičić
Iva did it
From beads to a necklace with a cup of tea.
Ivana Bubanj
Belgrade girl in Rome. Web designer strayed into the blogosphere.
Vladimir Tomašević
Fakultet za inženjerski menadžment
Current trends in distance learning.
Ivana Popović
Slurporama & Cutensils
Industrial designer and tea lover, better known as Little John.
Nataša Mitić
Naky hand made
Blogger in love with yarn and needles. Blog nakyhandmade.com
Dragana Paramentić
Nasmej se ptičica
Enjoys life, and often takes photos of it. Blog nasmejsepticica.com
Bojan Bernik
Morgan Grey
Digital agency owner and consultant for online marketing.
Iva Bošković
Koncept 45.0
Designer. Director. The initiator of the fashion part of the Concept 45.0.
Dejana Bolović
Koncept 45.0
Linguist. In charge of all that is written and told about the concept 45.0.
Boris Popovič
The mayor with the mentality of the entrepreneur
Jaka Vran
The editor and journalist RegionalObala.si

The list will be updated until the start of the conference.


MK Mountain Resort Hotels & Apartments


Apartments Konaci**** & hotel Angella****


The conference is completely free for all participants, and organized accommodation is optional. There are business registration fees, which are optional and which will help the organization of Blogomania. Owners of the business registration can count on special conditions for accommodation at the Grand Hotel, and the name of your company on the ID card.


We did our best to provide accommodation at affordable prices, so everyone interested will be able to choose accommodation in Konaci apartments **** or rooms at Hotel Angella **** at prices from only 66 EUR per person for 3 nights half board (price is valid for 1 bed in a double or triple room). It is possible to book fewer nights by the same terms (price is 22 EUR per person per night), and if you want a single room the price is 33 EUR per night for half board and 99 EUR for 3 nights. Lunch can be booked in advance at a special price of 8 EUR per day, and if you do not book in advance, the price will be 13 EUR.


Once more we made a deal with our friends from Terra Travela for transportation by van to and from the conference. Return ticket from Belgrade is 40 EUR, and there is an additional benefit for those who come from other cities in the region through which Terra Travel drive (Vienna, Budapest, Zagreb, Rijeka, Ljubljana, Maribor and others) that will take you to Belgrade with a 10% discount!

Note: The price includes tourist tax and hotel security. All prices include VAT.

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The team you can trust

Zoran Torbica
conference director
Ivan Minić
executive director
Vitomir Ognjanović
technical director
Ivan Agbaba
marketing manager
Vladimir Aleksić
Srđan Radić
program organizer
Miloš Maksimović
public relations
Ivan Zeljković
Sandra Simonović
Mina Smiljanić
assistant to exetucive director
Bojan Bernik
editor of HR site
Jaka Vran
editor of SI site
Krsto Arsenijević
social media
Cvijeta Radović
program coordinator
Ljubica Hajdin
Jovana Kovačević
Ivana Drecun
assistant of CEO
Aleksandar Vujičić
Jelena Popović
Aleksandra Mitrović
Branko Kostadinović
video editing
Ivana Đujić
Đorđe Đoković
Stefan Đaković
Stefan Danilović
Uroš Milutinović
Bojana Lečić
Strahinja Todorović
Nina Đoković
Ana Palurović
Zorana Radivojević
Bojana Bulić


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